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Rosie The Robot (first to be broadcast)
Jane wants a maid but George says they can't afford it. He invites Mr. Spacely over for dinner but what he doesn't know is that Jane has taken a free one day trial offer on a slightly used 'Rosie'. George is in a panic because he thinks that he can't possibly convince Mr. Spacely that he needs the raise if he sees Rosie. In a pinch, Rosie takes leftovers and whips up a delicious dinner and a Pineapple Upside Down Cake. Spacely fires Jetson and storms out the door. He calls a little later, munching the cake and says that anybody that can make such a delicious cake cant be all bad. In the meantime, Rosie has left, thinking that she caused the family trouble, but they find her at the bus stop and take her home for good ....

A Date with a Jetscreamer
Pop star "Jet Screamer" organizes a quiz, first prize: a date with the celebrity himself. George tries to make sure Judy won't win, but Judy is the lucky girl. Without her knowing it George acts as a chaperon. Featuring the song "EEP APP ORK AH-AH" (more info on this song here).

Jetson's Night Out
George Jetson and his boss Cosmo Spacely attend a robot football game. George fools his wife into thinking he's working late and so won/t be able to attend a PTA meeting.

The Space Car
George and Jane go shopping at Molecular Motors. The Supersonic Suburbanite turns out to be too much for them so the buy a car similar to their old model. They get mixed up with bad guy Knucles Nuclear and his gun Moll.

The Coming of Astro
Jane and the kids want a dog for personal protection, George doesn't believe in that but wants to keep everyone happy. To George the answer is an apartment approved electronic dog, one of those nuclear powered trouble free dogs: "Lectronimo"! At the same moment the rest of the family found a biologic dog. A contest should point out the superior dog.

The Good Little Scouts
George Jetson takes his son Elroy on a space cub trip to the moon and winds up being shown up by his boss's son, arthur spacely.

Elroy's TV Show
The future TV producers got bored with cowboy and doctor's programs, so the want Elroy as "Space boy Zoom and his dog Astro". Of course Spacely wants his son and dog on TV instead, badly ...

The Flying Suit
Spacely's competitor invents a flying suit. Elroy thinks he's invented pills that make one fly. Accidentally a normal suit and the flying suit get mixed up at the cleaners. George Jetson gets the flying suit and is convinced Elroy's pills actually work. Both Spacely and his competitor do anything to introduce the first flying device ...

Rosie's Boyfriend
Judy and Rosie find boyfriends. The problem with love is that you're either up or down ... and the animated junk pile being Henry's assistant gets a little confused.

Spacely buys a new robot "Uniblab". This means George actually has to work the full three hour work day. Or so it seems, until but George's janitor finds a solution.

Astro's Top Secret
"This is the heart warming story about the tender relation ship which exists between a men and his faithful dog". At the Moon Side country club Spacely and Cogswell tell each other to put the other out of business. Spacely's top secret to put Cogswell out of business is Astro. Astro ate a toy plane and can fly ever since, Cogswell thinks Astro can by himself.

A Visit From Grandpa
George's father visits. On his way he fixes a lady's vehicle, they exchange addresses. Because of some miss-communication the Jetson family think they got involved while in reality grandpa just babysits for someone else.

Las Venus
George and Jane visit Las Venus for gambling and entertainment. The trip is paid by Spacely because George has to try to sell some sprockets to a female client. Now George has to please his wife and the client.

Elroy's Pal
Elroy's wins a contest to meet his big hero "Nimbus the Great" from the TV show. Unfortunately the player is very ill and cannot come. George stands up for Elroy and visits "Nimbus" to prevent a disappointment for Elroy. The only solution is to have George wear a Nimbus suit and visit Elroy ...

Test Pilot
Spacely wants to test a new everything-proof jacket. By mistake George's doctor tells him he has only a couple of days left to live. Now who would be a better victim to test the jacket than George?

Millionaire Astro
Astro turns out to be the long-lost dog of a millionaire. The Jetsons have to let Astro go. Now Astro has everything a dog can wish for, except the love of the Jetson family ...

The Little Man
Compression technique explained The Jetson-way. This is how to LhA/.Z real matter. Without the decompression mechanism working George is reduced to a mere 6". The only way to fix the decompression system is by replacing parts manufactured by the big competitor: Cogswell Cogs.

Jane's Driving Lesson
Jane gets fed up with public transportation and decides to take driving lessons. After all, Elroy can get a learner's permit when he's 8 years old, so Jane should be able to get driving lessons, can't she? Her talents scare the teacher so much, he goes back hunting wild lions again. Accidentally Jane thinks she's got a new instructor while that persons turns out to be a crook on the run ...

G.I. Jetson
Private Jetson is drafted, as George is a family man he gets a full two minutes to report for duty. They're all given an aptitude test, and one not-so-bright recruit jams a square peg into a round hole, whereupon the automated grading program determines that his "original thinking shows leadership potential" and makes him a general. Spacely turns out to be the commanding officer and the site is a full 10 minutes away. Cleaning, mashing potato pills, inspection and of course Martian black-jack.

Miss Solar System
George and his boss arrange a beauty contest and decide to be the judges. Jane finds out and enters the contest without George knowing about it.

Private Property
A new building is built next to Spacely's company. The owner of the new plant turns out to be Cogswell and George finds out the new building is 6 inches over Spacely's property. Spacely makes Cogswell walk on his hands and knees, Jetson is promoted. That is until it turns out Spacely's existing building is actually 6" over Cogswell's ground ...

Planet Dude
Jane badly needs some rest and goes to "Dude Planet" with a friend. The rest of the family stays at home and tries to run the household.

TV or not TV
George and Astro accidentally see and robbery. That is: they THINK they witness a robbery. It turns out they where in a movie-set. To prevent a law suit the producer does everything to buy them out. While George and Astro do everything possible to avoid being caught by the "robbers".

Elroy's Mob
A miserable student exchanges his report tape with Elroy's. Elroy gets home and his George and Jane play the tape: "F, F, F, F". Elroy cannot convince them there's a mix up. Therefore Elroy and Astro device to run away ...


The Vacation
Jane wins a vacation on the Love Rocket. George meets his old girlfriend and jane meets her first boyfriend on the rocket. Elroy and Judy find out and try to save the marriage.

Space Bong: Secret Agent Double O-Oh
Skata- Hara, the female leader of the evil org. "Sneek", mistakes George for Secret Agent Space Bong, and so kidnaps him in hopes of getting "The Secret Formula".

Elroy meets Orbitty
On a field trip to mars Elroy picks up a remarkable looking stone and takes it home. It turns out to be the cocoon of a rare pet. The Jetsons decide to keep the pet and call it Orbitty. Orbitty turns all kinds of colors to show its emotions.

Elroy in Wonderland
George shows the tools of his grand-grand-grand-grand dad. Manual tools like a hammer and a wrench, real weird stuff. During the holidays Elroy sneaks out with Astro and meets the old tools in real life at the garbage dump.

The Swiss Family Jetsons
The big city drives the Jetson family mad, and they decide to move to an empty moon. They live in a true paradise until some real estate brokers discover the paradise like moon and turn it into a crowded city. The Jetsons find them selves where they started from anyway.

Winner Takes All
The Laser Jack Health club wants to place a big order. To choose a company all companies must enter a sports contest. Poor George has to compete for Spacely Sprockets. The problem is that the last time he's got any exercise he was walking down the isle.

High Moon
George tries to break Elroys fascination with spies by taking the whole family to an old west town. While there, Bad Bart Blaster challenges George to a showdown. Bad Bart's dog & Astro (cousins) gang up on Bart and save the day!

Team Spirit
Cogswell tried to be the market leader in robots. Rivals Spacely and Cogswell organize a spaceball match, one make of robots against the other. Still George Jetson is forced to be the pitcher. Of course to George it is just a game, to the executives it is a matter and life-and-death. Jane and Mrs. Spacely try to bake cookies. Elroy discovers Super Nova energized power particles and mixes them with the cookies.

Super George
The remote controlled furniture re-arranger from Nifty Products inc. explodes in the middle of George's face. For replacement the family buys a thought materializer from the same company and so George materializes his wish to be Super George. However the machine breaks down and George cannot convert back to his old self.

Little Bundle of Joy
A robber disguises himself as a baby. The refugee baby shows up at the Jetsons' door step. The baby sneaks into George's vehicle so George is stuck with him at work. Spacely orders George around and no one knows where the baby is ...

Dance Time
Judy is having a dancing party. George cannot dance but decides to takes lessons to make a good impression on his daughter. It turns out George has no talent at all. Therefore he borrows a couple of special dancing shoes which are still in the experimental phase ...

Judy's Birthday Surprise
Judy is heartbroken when it appears that everyone has forgotten her birthday. At the last moment, family and friends materialize and really surprise her!

High Tech Wreck
Spacely wants into The Megabucks group but Spacely is considered "small change" and The Megabucks said were the big one in money. As a test in the Exe Perk system R.U.D.I. is put out of service due to overload! Elroy tries to develop a temporary program for R.U.D.I. but it is no help! Spacely sends George and the whole family to outermoongolia. R.U.D.I. threatens to meltdown the whole plant in 24 hours if Geroge doesn't get back! Will George get back in time?

Rip-off Rosie
The shipping robot Robotto has fried memory chips. George fixes the problem and Spacely rewards this by a day off and a raise! The faulty part of the robot affects Rosie when George takes it home and Rosie eats it as robot candy. Now Rosie literally goes nuts. The every so honest Rosie turns into a shoplifter and by chance wrecks the house.

The Mirrormorph
Judy is into sculpting trying get into the alien abstract art class because Vinny van Gogh-go is in it. The cheap'o'craterface clay Judy uses is not good enough so she orders professional cosmic clay instead. The mail robot misplaces the packs for Judy and the science institute. So Judy receives experimental and rare mercurian mirrormorph clay, which has the ability to assume the shape of whom ever touched it. If the clay is touched by more than 10 seconds by another life form the results can be catastrophic.

Mother's Day for Rosie
Rosie wants to meet her mother, who is later discovered to be an obsolete model of a robot maid named Norma. Rosie found out how much she missed her mother when she read one of Elroy's poems that he wrote for Mother's Day at the Little Dipper School. Unfortunately, being a robot, she short-circuits from the tears she cried after reading Elroy's Mother's Day poem. George Jetson who realizes this, tries to bring the scrapped robot, only instead to come back with the original blueprints; but, even only the blueprints satisfy Rosie in the end.

Fugitive Fleas
On a family vacation to Pleasure Planet the Jetsons visit a flea circus. The dog is not allowed in but sneaks in anyway wearing a disguise. The fleas are being neglected by their boss and they escape via Astro's skin. Back home the Jetsons hear that familiar flea-circus melody coming from Astro ...

Far-Out Father
It's that time of the season when Astro chases the female dogs. Elroy's school assignment makes his do a movie about his father's job. Now pressing a button is quite a boring job, where as keeping Astro out of trouble is very exciting. The tapes get switched and Elroy doesn't have to be ashamed about his boring father after all.

Astro's Big Moment
George is appointed judge at the annual space dog show. Mrs. Spacely's dog competes, as well as Mangler Mars' dog and of course Astro. George can only point out for one winner but has to please his boss, safe his own life and keep his family happy.

Spacely wants to park his car in The Jetsons' garage for two weeks because his own garage is being painted. Jane uses Mr. Spacely's car to go shopping not realizing it is a high performance car. She wrecks the car parking it at the mall because the brakes didn't work, or did they?

The Cosmic Courtship of George and Jane
George and Jane have their annual wedding anniversary, everyone is dressed up but George just wants a quiet night watching the space-ball game on TV. The story tells about how George and Jane got together.

Fantasy Planet
On fantasy planet everyone's dream can come true. Jetson can become the boss of Jetson sprockets inc., Jane can get servants and be treated as a queen. Elroy becomes captain Zoom as saves the universe. Judy becomes the most popular girl in the galaxy. But can George run a company, won't Jane get bored, can captain Zoom survive from the evil Dr. X and does the most popular girl have a personal life?

Sno Relative
The Jetsons expect a first-time visit from Jane's nephew Hunky, but an escaped alien Iceman shows up instead. They treat the stranger as one of the family until scientists come and take him away. When the real Hunky arrives ... he's even wilder than the impostor!

One Strike You're Out
The "Big Bucks Business Journal" elects Cogswell tycoon of the day, so everyone has to work triple shifts to make Spacely can beat Cogswell. The personnel as well as the computers don't accept it anymore. George refuses to work anymore while Elroy enters the intergalaxy Robot Olympics.

Solar Snoops
Cogswell sends a "Trojan Horse" into Spacely Sprockets in hopes of getting photos of the new project. The spy gets greedy and steals the secret chocolate microchip for himself. But George (disguised as Cogswell's secretary) retrieves the chip and saves the day!

Rosie Come Home
Rosie's central chip breaks down and she starts to dysfunction. The Jetsons try to get her a new chip, but Rosie thinks they're about to buy a new robot instead. Rosie runs away.

Family Fallout
Spacely wants to enter the TV game show Family Fallout the friendly family nuclear warfare, to make sure he wins he wants a sure looser. Therefore he enters The Jetsons as well. Both teams compete for the Alpha Beta-romeo, a holiday at Las Venus and cash prizes.

Instant Replay
George buys an experimental device that replays events, then erases them thus changing the outcome. This works great for small annoyances, but George accidentally erases his whole family.

Haunted Halloween (special scary episode)
It is almost Halloween. The great Jetsony is about to perform his magic tricks. Meanwhile at Dr. Scare M's wax time mystery museum business is slow, because people can now watch 3d movies at home. Elroy and Orbitty go to the museum for a suit when Dr. Scare M is looking for fresh blood!

Future Tense
Jane gets dark glasses, that is: designer viewers from Bevdeo, the glitchy fashion center of the galaxy. The viewers offer unique visible capabilities. In other words, they allow the owner to look a couple of minutes into the future. George and Jane take the glasses to the alien horse race track to do some forecasting and make a fortune.

The Wrong Stuff
For the very first time humanoids are sent into orbit. By accident Astro and Elroy are launched instead when Astro chases a robot-cat. The only trouble is that there's no way back ...

Judy Takes Off
George and Jane think Judy should spend more time with her "nerdy" cousin whom she hasn't seen in years. When the cousin shows up, she is a wild child and hangs out with motorcycle guys. George gets worried and follows Judy disguised as Space Ace, a motorcycle genius. He has to race the boys in the group to get Judy back.

A Jetson Christmas Carol
Jetsons' version of "A Christmas Carol" complete with ghost of past, present (a gift robot) and future. Spacely falls asleep over his money on christmas eve when the ghosts show him how bad he really is.
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Dog Daze Afternoon
It's no phone booth it's an "executive instant transporter", short E.X.I.T. Transports any living matter to any place in the universe in an instant. Regrettably the device is compatible with an "instant dog trainer" via a micro disc, which can easily be switched if kept at the Jetsons'.

Robot's Revenge
George makes a massage robot very angry. The robot gets fired after George filed the complaint. This calls for revenge, which can be very nasty if the whole world is run by computers and compatible robots.

Jetson's Millions
Bored with his humdrum 21st century life as a "digital index operator" (button-pusher), George constantly schemes for greater riches. So he buys a ticket for a sweepstakes lottery drawing and- great jupiter! George holds the winning ticket! With his prize of 10 million Venutis. George is just starting to enjoy the zany lifestyle of a futuristic millionaire. But a crazy currency devaluation turns his world topsy-turvy and sets up space-age laughs worth a million in jetson's millions!

To Tell The Truth
Elroy juggles with his mother's favorite pitcher and breaks it. Elroy's first idea is to make up a big lie instead of telling he was wrong. Jane goes crazy when Elroy decides to tell the truth. The question arises whether it is better to tell the truth or make up a little white lie. Especially, when George has to take miss Bubbles Blast-off home, stays in the rocket with her, saves the lives of all passengers and hitchhikes back from the dark side of the moon with the talking bear of a traveling space circus, but who will believe the truth?

Judy's Elopement
Spacely recruited a new executive; his nephew Samuel from M.I.T. (Moon Institute of Technology). Judy finds her dream guy and wants to run off with him. It turns out Judy's mister right turns out to be Samuel Spacely.

Grandpa and the Galactic Golddigger
Spacely's mother in law wants to move in with the Spacely's and redecorate the house. George advises Spacely to buy both ladies presents and then politely ask his mother in law to leave. George's grandfather buys the presents and two thieves therefore think George's grandfather is rich. A grandmother, a grandfather, an ugly redecorated house and thieves who are after expensive goods, what could happen?

Boy George
Spacely wants new young employees. George tries to become new and modern by using an experimental fluid. It turns him into a little kid. Being a kid isn't a much fun as Georgy expected by there's no way back, for now.

The Century's Best
A company is looking for the best representative of the 21st century. Big prizes are to be won so the Jetson family is very interested. All they have to do is enter a tape with the story of their live. This is kind of a compilation episode with clips of the lives of all family members.


Crime Games
While watching Hill Street Stars, Astro tunes in to a private phone call of The Grand Father. This biggest criminal in the universe is planning to break into Cogswell's warehouse. Although neither George or the police don't believe Elroy, Jane comes to the rescue just in time.

ASTROnomical I.Q.
Elroy invents an evolution machine. By mistake his evolutes Astro by 10,000 years, increasing his I.Q. by 4000 points. George bets everything he owns by playing chess with a little help of Astro. At that moment Astro is catched by the dog-catcher. When that doesn't work he enters a brainy game show where the contestants can win millions.

Rockey Retro is the new hunk in school and Judy looses him to Marcia because she has a car. Judy wants her own car and has to find a job to pay for that. She accepts three jobs: walking dogs trough space, doing construction work and taking orders at a fly trough burger joint in a nearby solar system.

Invisibly Yours, George
Orwell Spacely, mr Spacely's nephew, is the company's inventor, George has to be the company's ginny pig. Just when patrolling police think no one breaks the 500 mpH speed limit, the see a car driven by a man without a face. The new invention doesn't clean people like it is supposed to do, it makes them invisible! On the other hand, lately Jane hasn't been seen very much at home as well.

Father/Daughter Dance
The annual father/daughter dance means embarrassment for Judy so she fakes the 48 hour flu. Still Jane promises that this year will not be the disgrace from last year because dad is taking dancing lessons. Using a super sniffer the kids try to find their father to peek at one of his lessons.

Clean As A Hounds Tooth
George has a tooth ache and visits his dentist. The dentist uses experimental artificial teeth for poor George. The tooth turn out to be dog's tooth but cannot be replaced because the dentist left for a vacation. Still George starts chasing cats and mailmen and barks at his family member.

Wedding Bells for Rosie
Rosie falls in love with the robot of the genitor. To get a "green card" for that robot they need to get married. But can robots get married?

The Odd Pod
Jane enters a garden contest. Astro crushes Jane's plant and the plant passes away. George buys Jane a new plant at "Far Out Flowers", a rare import "A Martian Creeper". It turns out to be a very rare breed ...

Two many Georges
With genetics one can duplicate every possible living thing. A great way to duplicate George, so one can work and the original one can stay at home and enjoy leisure time. But which is which?

Spacely for a Day
A medical test shows that George is more suited to be president of the company than Spacely himself. That is: after Elroy finds out Spacely distracted George during the test on purpose so he could pay him less salary. Elroy forces the score and George is executive for 2 weeks. Will George behave or will power raise to his head? Mister Cogswell tries to put Spacely out of business when George is in charge for two weeks.

The first episode ever aired 23 September 1962. The Jetsons can now be seen regularly on television at these stations:
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