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22-08-1981 / Philadelphia, PA / Liberty Bell Horse Racetrack / USA
Voices Inside My Head - Don't Stand So Close To Me - Walking On The Moon - Deathwish - Fall Out - Man In The Suitcase - Bring On The Night - Invisible Sun/ Wouldn't It Be Loverly - De Do Do Do De Da Da Da - Truth Hits Everybody - Shadows In The Rain - When The World Is Running Down - Demolition Man - One World - Spirits In The Material World - The Bed's Too Big Without You - Driven To Tears - Message In A Bottle - Roxanne ** Can't Stand Losing You - Demolition Man
Festival line-up: The Coasters, Oingo Boingo, The Go-Go's, The Specials, The Police.
Attendance: 16,000.
The event, just north of Philadelphia on a warm Saturday, began at noon with the last-minute addition The Coasters. The Police appeared on stage around 5.45pm. Sting played his upright bass during Don't Stand So Close To Me and Walking On The Moon. The setlist was mainly based on the usual setlist during the Zenyatta Mondatta tour. Four new songs (Invisible Sun, Demolition Man, One World, Spirits In The Material World) from the forthcoming album were added.
"Haven't been on the stage for so long. What to do next?," asked Sting after Don't Stand So Close To Me, "We'll play some new songs for you today if you are ready for them. First of all we are going to relax with something we know and do well. This is called Walking On The Moon".
"Before we go any further," Sting stated after Walking On The Moon, "I like surveys. I have a great love of surveys. I really want to know were you come from. This is a very ambiguous location. Who's from Philadelphia? What about New York City? What about New Jersey?".
"I feel more relaxed. A bit more into it. This is one of my favourite songs. He said modestly. This is called Bring On The Night," during the intro Sting added: "It's going to rain. Always when we play outdoors, it rains".
"Ok, this is the moment. We're going to play a few new songs. You're the first to hear them in public. Not even my mum has heard them. She wouldn't like them anyway. This is a song I wrote about Belfast, but it could apply to any British city now" and Sting slowly counted off "1-2-3-4-5-6-7" into Invisible Sun. Near the end of the song Sting added a few lines from Wouldn't It Be Loverly ("All I want is a room somewhere, far away from the coalmine air...") from the musical "My Fair Lady".
Sting introduced Truth Hits Everybody as: "Truth kills everybody".
"A lot of people asked me what this is called," pointing out to his upright bass, "It's called Brian. It's my favourite musical instrument in the world. This is called Shadows In The Rain".
After Shadows In The Rain The Police were joined on stage by the horn section The Cops from New Jersey: two saxophonists and a trumpet player. "Ok, here is another first for you people here at Liberty Bell Park," Sting noted with a wave of his hands in their direction. This marked the first time The Police were accompanied by other musicians for more than one song. The horn section was recommended by Stewart's technician Jeff Seitz. Darryl Dixon, David Watson and Marvin Daniels joined The Police during the whole Ghost In The Machine tour. Their first song together was When The World Is Running Down.
"This next song is from my new record, which is coming out on my birthday. Which is October 2nd. I expect at least 16,000 birthday cards. The record is called Ghost In The Machine. This is a track from it, it's called Demolition Man".
After One World: "I've noticed that I use the word 'world' a lot in my songs. Why not? This is called Spirits In The Material World".
"You want some more? I'll join the brass-section. Danny is going to play the bass. This roadie is from New Jersey. He is now making his debut in his homestate. This is Danny Quatrochi. Come on, don't be shy," Sting handed his bass to Danny, "We did this before, but I like it so much. Who cares?". The band bursted into the final song, Demolition Man.


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