Synchronicity - The Police

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Synchronicity - The PoliceLyrics: Synchronicity - The Police

Label:A&M Records
Catalogue number:393 735
Release date:June 17, 1983 (UK)
  1. Synchronicity I
  2. Walking In Your Footsteps
  3. O My God
  4. Mother
  5. Miss Gradenko
  6. Synchronicity II
  7. Every Breath You Take
  8. King Of Pain
  9. Wrapped Around Your Finger
  10. Tea In The Sahara
  11. Murder By Numbers
Remarks:Produced by Hugh Padgham and The Police.
Recorded at Air Studios, Montserrat and at Le Studio, Quebec 1983
Engineered by Hugh Padgham - All noises on this album played by The Police
Art Direction & Design: Jeff Ayeroff (Jeffrey Kent Ayeroff) with Norman Moore
Photography: Duane Michals

Andy: "We feel very good about this album. It's maybe the best album we've made. It's a lot simpler instrumentally then the last album. I think Sting has written the best lyrics he has ever written for this album. So generally we feel pleased with ourselves. [..] Every time we go back it gets harder, it really does. And obviously it went straight to number one in England. The single is been number one for four weeks [..] and it's number one at one of the charts in America at the moment and it sold nearly two million copies in the first week" (radio-interview Milano; 27-06-1983).

Andy about Mother: "It's a song about all men have a problem dealing with their mothers in their lives. And it's very important to stop making every woman who want to be with into your mother until you do that and it's hard let a woman be herself in your company. [..] It's a song that's close to the heart" (radio-interview Milano; 27-06-1983).

Sting: "So the new album is about having a personal voice, in a sense. All of us got the chance to say things quietly and quite emotionally. Andy, for instance, did his best work ever for The Police on this album. His song Mother is wonderful. Very funny and witty, just saying, 'Here I am, a real person, not a member of some fascist organization. I'm a normal human being just getting a big kick out of singing like I do in the shower, without effects or backing vocals'. Just me. I am a person."

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